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Sample Jaheira - Boo Banter

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Posted 31 March 2005 - 08:24 AM

Of the various companions, Booc has known Jaheira almost as much as he's known the Bhaalspawn and Imoen.

Jaheira: “By Silvanus Boo, can’t you stop staring at me? It’s hard enough to sleep with who knows what after us, but I don’t need you mooning over me.”

Boo: “I’m ssorry ma’am, I didn’t mean too. Well, I didn’t mean to make you uncomfortable. It’ss jusst Khalid…”

Jaheira: “Khalid?”

Boo: “Yess, ma’am…Khalid…he ussed…”

Jaheira: “Speak carefully, changeling, about my Khalid. What did he used to do?”

Boo: “Well…ssometimess…when you weren’t looking…when Minssc wassn’t looking…”

Jaheira: “It’s like pulling teeth out of a dragon. If you don’t spit it out, I will spit you on a skewer.”

Boo: “Well, ma’am…he ussed to rub me on the back…it felt good…I could alwayss tell when he came by hiss ssmell…cypress and ginseng…and you ssmell of him. It jusst reminded me of him.”

Jaheira: “And let me guess, you will continue to stare at me if I don’t do something about it…”

Boo: “Um…maybe.”

Jaheira: “Alright…but only this once. And no one else hears about it.”

A few minutes pass…

Jaheira: “Boo, you can stop squealing now.”

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