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PST .ini files

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#1 Displacer

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Posted 09 December 2011 - 09:06 AM

Seems there are more to these than are seen. Looking through the code there are other entries that can be used that are not listed, probably because they do not occur in any of the existing ini files.

For instance the following:


etc. etc.

There are quite a few more, not in any order and I'm not sure yet what goes under which [] section (pretty sure exit goes under [spawn_main] but not sure about the others)

#2 i30817

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Posted 09 December 2011 - 12:50 PM

Could you print out a list and put it here in spoilers?

Can you figure out what the arguments are? (0, 1) or something else?

#3 Avenger

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Posted 09 December 2011 - 11:51 PM

The AI_* keywords set the spawned critter to the specific value.
spawn_facing_global sets its orientation to the value stored in the global var.

#4 Avenger

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Posted 10 December 2011 - 02:38 AM

detail_level is connected to torment.ini/program_options/detail_level. To filter out unimportant critters, if detail level is low.
Btw, only the first letter of detail level counts (High/Medium/Low)

Though, there is a bug in the .exe which seems to cause high and medium the same. When parsing the ini file, it sets the value of high when it encounters a 'medium' entry.

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Posted 10 December 2011 - 08:08 AM

Yea a lot of these appear to be overrides to defaults for individual critters. I suppose that gives a lot of flexibility which apparently they didn't take advantage of, doesn't mean others can't though ;)

I'll toss up a list soon and maybe someone can play with them and see what they do quicker than I can trace the code for them

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Posted 10 December 2011 - 08:43 AM

OK here's the list I've found. Note it does not contain the nameless entries, they are in another section of code I haven't gotten to:


Also I have no idea how many of these actually work, what input they take etc. etc.

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Posted 17 December 2011 - 03:09 PM

Looks like under [spawn_main] valid entries are


NOTE: In the IESDP, it says "event=name_of_section2" it should be "events=name_of_section2"

#8 Avenger

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Posted 18 December 2011 - 07:19 AM

I didn't find any examples of exit. It doesn't really make sense to spawn creatures in an area on exit.
enter - seems to be an one time spawn when the area is created (at least that's how i implemented it in gemrb).

spawn_time_of_day/Blackisle is just a dead string, not used in spawn ini.

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Posted 18 December 2011 - 08:23 AM

Well I could think of one reason for a spawn on exit. Say you go to an area and wreck the place, it would be a nice touch if you had a army waiting for you on your return looking for revenge. Using exit would spawn them to the area without you knowing about it, making for a unpleasant surprise when you returned...

More info on [spawn_main], the events entry, and possibly enter and exit can have several arguments. I don't know if there's a limit yet but the arguments can be separated by either a "," or a "."
These arguments can be seen under the actual section label set in "events" (an example would be the "critters" list).

#10 Displacer

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Posted 18 December 2011 - 09:06 AM

Found something interesting. At the point where it's processing "interval". It appears that it has a minimum. It checks if it's lower than 0x0f and if it is it sets it to 0x0f. Odd since there's several ini files that have a value less than 0x0f. May have been a last minute hack to the code before they shipped

Here's the relevant code:

.text:007E9DFE				 mov	 edx, [ebp+var_A8]
.text:007E9E04				 cmp	 dword ptr [edx+30h], 0Fh
.text:007E9E08				 jnb	 short loc_7E9E17
.text:007E9E0A				 mov	 eax, [ebp+var_A8]
.text:007E9E10				 mov	 dword ptr [eax+30h], 0Fh

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