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Mode 2 no loss: Garlena's wares?

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#1 mikel123

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Posted 13 June 2011 - 08:58 AM

Hi all. I just did the following install:

ToB Patch
Item Revisions (no modifications made to Vecna, Vhailor, Joluv, etc.)
Item Randomiser (Mode 2: No Loss, with Scroll Randomization, with Masterwork mod)

Mode 2 does not list Firetooth or Sword of the Mask as items that are randomized. I visited Watcher's Keep early in Chapter 2 of SoA and could not find Firetooth or SotM, nor could I see anything that seemed to be there in their place. Garlena did seem to have a lot of scrolls though.

Can someone explain this behavior? I've read through the documentation for Item Revisions and Item Randomizer but can't find anything that might explain this.

Elsewhere, the mod seems to be working as expected. Ribald is selling some different uniques, which I believe fall appropriately within the tiers of items that were randomized away from him.

However, Joluv in the Copper Coronet, is selling an entire group of non-unique weapons, mostly +1/+2. This was not expected either. Any explanation here? Thanks a lot.

#2 Wisp

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Posted 14 June 2011 - 06:00 AM

Mode 2 randomises all listed items, not just the ones that are exclusive to Mode 2. Additionally, a store need not receive as many items as it loses. Such is the case with Garlena's store.

I would guess Joluv is Item Revisions' doing. Item Randomiser doesn't give him any items (let alone generic +1/+2 stuff).

#3 mikel123

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Posted 14 June 2011 - 08:34 AM

Ahhh I see. Thank you for the help!

The mods are pretty enjoyable so far, specifically the randomizer. I'm early in chapter 2 but am quite disappointed by the "random" items I've received so far. Given that they're random, I think it's most likely I've gotten used to the ability to seek out the key items I want by prior knowledge and the walkthroughs. I'd suggest this mod to anyone who's ever played BG2 before and knows where many of their favorite/best items are!

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