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Mac troubles

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Posted 21 May 2011 - 07:01 AM

Greeting from a longtime fan of IWD and it's community whom supply it with mods and tweaks in order to enhance the gaming experience.

Years ago i played all the BG's and IWD's on my parents PC and had a really good time but allas those times are gone I have since then moved on in life and left the world of PC's behind me. Now days i use a Mac for my computing needs so now my gaming experience is limited to an Xbox 360 or to the one Blizzard game that gets released every 10 years.

Recently i got an old copy of IWD (Mac) from a friend and got realy exited to get some old school gaming going on my Mac. As IWD is and old old game I scoured the Internets in serch of patches and ended up here on Gibberlings, I got really exited when I saw that custom content and fixes where available for the mac client. And here lies my problem, my computer skills ain't what they used to be and nowadays I only drag and drop icons to install applications.

So now I am experiencing some difficulty getting the mods to run.

What I've done so far:

I installed IWD got it running on my MBP got the patch 1.0.1 down and installed (IWD still working) downloaded IWD Fixpack/Tweak Pack and Unfinished Business for IWD, extracted the files in my IWD folder and tried to start the "setup-g3daletweaks.command" file.

Now what happens is that the Terminal loads but I get an message saying that the file could not load because you lack authority. Now I have checked the info on the file and I do have write and read options enabled for the file and I only have one user account so I am logged in as admin. My guess is that my lacking terminal skills is prohibiting me from playing IWD to its full potential and I have thus come here asking for help in the matter from the modding community.

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