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Posted 15 April 2011 - 05:23 AM

Could the authors of SR and SCSII make one joint post explaining how each one affects the various metamagic and antimagic type spells? Between mistakes, oversights, and reverting to prior methods, it's unclear exactly what the hell these spells are supposed to be doing.

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Posted 15 April 2011 - 06:54 AM

I assume you mean the problem is all about 'Antimagic attacks penetrate improved invisibility', because all the other spell tweaks shared by SR and SCS should still be the same as discussed in this pinned topic.

The story so far: not long ago we discovered the AoE solution implemented in old versions of SCS and then adopted by SR too, wasn't 100% working (the spell could randmonly miss the target). After that we thought to have almost fixed it by using much larger AoE, but soon after ToBEx added one more resource to modders, the ability to make even a single target spell ignore II. David decided to abandon (partially) the old AoE solution, and the recently released version started to ship with ToBEx solution. SR already used less AoE than SCS (e.g. I never granted Pierce Magic/Shield an AoE; Secret Word became single target again with one of the latest hotfixes; etc.) but very few AoE spell removals are still there (Spell Thrust, RRoR and Spellstrike).

The result is:
- SR's single target spell removals (Secret Word, Pierce Magic, Pierce Shield and KWW) don't bypass II
- SR's Spell Thrust, RRoR and Spellstrike bypass II even without SCS because they have an AoE
- installing SCS allows you various options (e.g. the old AoE solution, or ToBEx's hack), and the new component which doesn't involve AoE should correctly patch SR spells to make them work as the option selected by the player

How the next version of SR will (probably) handle this:
- RRoR will surely be ba restored as a single target spell, thus not bypassing II
- Spell Thrust, and Spellstrike will probably be restored as single target but I'm not 100% sure
- no single target spell will ignore the "you cannot be cast against II targets" rule within SR but...
- Detect Invisibility and True Seeing will allow a mage to cast any spell at opponents under II (*)
- installing SCS after SR will allow you to choose its options if you wish so

(*) These spells will remove the invisibility state if the target is not protected by either Non-detection or SI:Div, but without dispelling the II state (aka the partial invisibility similar to a translucent effect).

Did I clarified that well enough? Was there any other doubt you'd like me to explain or that I simply missed? :cool:

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