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Launching error messages

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#1 Luren

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Posted 30 January 2011 - 03:02 PM


According to the configuration that I use, certain error messages appear with launching (which do not affect probably any the operation of the program).

With Icewind Dale II:
During the program start, an error message indicates that the following files are absent:

However, they do not exist in Icewind Dale 2 !
On the other hand, the ATTSYL.ids file (without E) exists indeed; as for file DIFFLEVL.ids, it does not exist at all…

In the same way with Icewind Dale, a similar error message appears, with the files:

presumedly absent by DLTCEP, but which does not exist in Icewind Dale!

The only alternative that I found, consists in putting fictitious files in the OVERRIDE folders.

Did you encounter this problem ?

#2 Avenger

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Posted 31 January 2011 - 10:27 AM

There are three solutions, either you add the files (from another game or just some dummy ones), or you fix action/trigger.ids (remove the reference), or just ignore this harmless warning.

I prefer adding the correct files, so scripts are more readable. Don't forget to include them in your weidu install, if you use the new symbols in dialog scripts.

The warning is there, because the engine won't find attstyle.ids if it persists as attstyl.ids All those symbols will be compiled as 0 by weidu, or not found by the engine's dialog compiler. Causing obscure bugs.

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