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Gavin NPC for Baldur's Gate II, v18 Now Available

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Posted 25 April 2010 - 10:35 AM

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Need a cleric? Dawnbringer Gavin of Lathander is willing to help you out. Perhaps you met before, during your quest to overcome the iron crisis and defeat Sarevok, or perhaps you've never met before. Either way, Gavin is ready to lend his faith and his weapon to your cause. Gavin banters extensively with your BioWare party, will attempt to befriend every protagonist, and will be interested in romancing a non-assassin female protagonist whose wisdom and charisma are both 8 or better. If your protagonist is male, Gavin has a short SoA romance arc with Imoen.

Version 18
  • Fixed joining dialogue... again. Now PCs who broke the engagement in BG1 get more than 1 dialogue choice. (Repaired error introduced in v16)
  • Fixed Gavin's auto-heal script so that he will no longer attempt to heal an invisible or sanctuaried PC
  • Fixed Windows audio installation script so that it will install BG2 sounds on BGT installations that include BG1 Gavin
  • Any character may now create herbal concoctions
  • Minsc's belt is now usable by fighters as well as rangers
  • Replaced b!aley.* with Keldorn Romance b!aley.* to avoid installation order issues

Gavin for BG2 is intended for Baldur's Gate II: Shadows of Amn, with or without the Throne of Bhaal expansion. Ships with WeiDU v217, and is available for your Windows, Mac OSX, or Linux operating system.

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