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Overview: Public Alpha Release

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Posted 15 February 2010 - 07:30 PM

I've decided to release this alpha to the public as it's not getting finished anytime soon and I think it's it's unfair to just let it sit in dust or give only a couple testers access.

The notes below are guidelines for people who want to do actual testing on the mod to make it better. Please note that while you still can do that if you want, the feedback you give may never be implemented.

Shadow Hand is and will be a large mod. There is no getting around that.

It's still in progress but a great deal has been done already. As one of its testers, you've volunteered to help find and possibly work out typos, bugs, and stuff in general that doesn't make any sense at all. If you've come here to get an early viewing of the mod, you may be disappointed. There is still *a lot* that needs to be done. If you've come here with an open mind with the intention of helping, however, I think you will be at least partially entertained. We've tried to bring something fresh to the modding scene and I hope we've accomplished (or have started to accomplish) that.

I'm going to ask a couple things of testers and I hope I'm not being too demanding. I'm rather proud of the work that Mike and I have put into this so please:

- Understand that this is an *alpha*. Stuff may not work, be unfinished, or just missing!
- Follow the installation instructions and the accompanying guide.
- Give us feedback! We want the mod to be really good and we appreciate any and all constructive input.

Thanks and I hope you enjoy what is done so far. :)

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