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Version 2 released

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Posted 18 September 2009 - 02:13 AM

Version 2 of Item Randomiser has now been released.


Version 2 of Item Randomiser should fix all bugs and compatibility issues I currently know about. Notably, Mode 2 of Item Randomiser should no longer fail to install if all items within a tier have been removed by other mods. Compatibility with other mods has also been improved. The curious few also might be interested in knowing that Item Randomiser is compatible with SCSII's item redistributor. Just install Item Randomiser after SCSII if you want to use the two mods together.

Version 2 also has some new features. Notably, Mode 2 of Item Randomiser v2 can be installed on regular Baldurs Gate. Version 2 also randomises more items than version 1 (107 items in BG and 169 items in BG2).

Some notes about upgrading from v1 to v2:

I would recommend you either finish your current game with v1 installed before upgrading, or uninstall v1, install v2 and start a new game.

However, if you are feeling adventurous, there are a few points where it should be safe to upgrade without starting over.
Mode 1: This is really only relevant to BGT players. You should be able to upgrade to v2 just before you start playing the BG2 part of BGT.
Mode 2: Like Mode 1, you should be able to upgrade just as you make the BG-BG2 transition in BGT. You should also be able to upgrade if you are about to start ToB and have not yet been in Watcher's Keep, regardless of whether you are playing regular BG2 or BGT.

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