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Divine Spells

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Armor of Faith - sets physical resistance to 20% from 1st level, no longer provides elemental damage reduction
Cure Light Wounds - heals 1d8 +1/level HP (max 1d8+5)
Faerie Fire - reveals invisible creatures in a 5' radius, -2 penalty to AC, creatures affected cannot hide or go invisible for 4 rounds; druids only
Magical Stone - creates 10 magical stones that can be thrown at opponents
Shillelagh - creates an entangling club +1, plus 1 enchantment level every 6 levels up to +3; druids only
Strength of Stone - sets strength to 18/50, slows the caster but makes him more resistant to blows; druids only
Sunscorch - 1d6 +1/level fire damage to single target, double damage to undead, chance to blind; druids only


Aid - corrected description (gives +1 to saving throws, THAC0, and damage), slightly improves with caster level
Barkskin - +1 AC, +1/3 levels up to +4 at 9th level; druids only
Chant - affects allies and enemies (fix); effect centered on the caster
Cure Medium Wounds - moved from level 3; heals 2d8 +1/level HP (max 2d8+10)
Draw upon Divine Might - as vanilla's Draw upon Holy Might, but caster is winded for 5 rounds when the spell ends
Fire Trap - as Glyph of Warding, but deals fire damage; druids only
Flame Blade - various improvements; damage 1d8 + 1/2 levels fire damage (up to 1d8+10); druids only
Goodberry - heals 1 HP + 1/3 levels; duration 24 hours
Know Opponent - replaces Know Alignment; reduces target's AC by 2 and physical resistance by 10%
Resist Fire/Resist Cold - duration increased to 1 turn + 1 round/level
Silence - affects only enemies
Spiritual Hammer - various improvements; the hammer can strike opponents from a distance


Animate Dead - summons skeletons, greater skeletons, and skeleton warriors
Break Enchantment - replaces Remove Curse, cures enchantments (e.g. Confusion, Feeblemind) and curses; cleric only
Call Lightning - bolts now deal 6d6 damage but it can be cast indoors
Cause Serious Wounds - moved from level 4; causes 3d8 +15 damage
Contagion - replaces Rigid Thinking; as per mage's spell
Cure Serious Wounds - moved from level 4; heals 3d8 +1/level HP (max 3d8+15)
Glyph of Warding - damage 1d4 per level up to 10d4; doesn't affect allies
Gust of Wind - replaces Zone of Sweet Air; as the original spell, plus creatures near the caster must save or be blown away
Hold Person or Animal - improved to be useful (it now affects humanoids)
Holy Smite - limited to 10d4 damage (previously too powerful for its lvl)
Invisibility Purge - lasts for 5 rounds, dispelling invisibility each round
Miscast Magic - causes wild surges instead of spellcasting failure
Protection from Fire - moved to 5th level
Repulse Undead - moved from level 5
Strength of One - +2 bonus to strength instead of setting it to 18
Summon Insects - many improvements; spellcasting failure allows a save each round, damage can be halved
Unholy Blight - same as Holy Smite


Animal Summoning I - summons up to 5 Dire Wolves; druids only
Call Woodland Beings - nymph acts as a 7th level druid with appropriate spells
Cause Critical Wounds - moved from level 5; causes 4d8 +20 damage
Cloak of Fear - each round causes fear to those within 6 feet for 1 turn
Cure Critical Wounds - moved from level 5; cures 4d8 +1/level HP (max 4d8+20)
Defensive Harmony - +4 to AC for 10 rounds
Divine Power - caster gains attacks per round as a fighter of equivalent level (does not stack with multiclass fighters' ApR)
Ice Storm - added to druid's available spells
Lesser Restoration - available to druids
Negative Plane Protection - duration increased to 1 turn/level
Neutralize Poison - protects from poison for 1 turn/level
Poison - only ongoing damage can be negated with a save
Protection from Evil 10' Radius - area of effect 10' (fix)
Protection from Lightning - moved to 5th level


Animal Summoning II - summon up to 4 Dire Leopards; druids only
Champion's Strength - +1 point/3 levels to Str, Con, and Dex to 1 creature
Flame Strike - damage up to 15d6; affects opponents within 5' radius of the target
Greater Command - allow a save every round; affects only enemies
Insect Plague - many improvements; spellcasting failure allows a save each round, damage can be halved
Iron Skin - renamed Stoneskin (druids with iron?!); is affected by breach
Magic Resistance - 2% per level (up to 40%); can't be exploited to lower target's resistance anymore
Polymorph Other - added to druid's available spells
Protection from Acid - grants 100% resistance and complete immunity to acid-based spells
Protection from Cold - grants 100% resistance and complete immunity to cold-based spells
Protection from Electricity - grants 100% resistance and complete immunity to electricity-based spells; moved from 4th level
Protection from Fire - grants 100% resistance and complete immunity to fire-based spells; moved from 3rd level
Righteous Fury - replaces Righteous Might; +4 to Str, +2 to AC, +20 hit points, +1d6 magic damage on hit


Animal Summoning III - summons up to 3 Dire Bears; druids only
Blade Barrier - damage 3d6 every 3 seconds (save for none); dispels invisibility and sanctuary on the caster
Conjure Animals - disabled (for now)
Conjure Air Elemental - added to druid's available spells
Conjure Earth Elemental - moved from level 7; druids only
Control Undead - added to cleric's available spells
Create Undead - added to cleric's available spells
Dolorous Decay - available to clerics; damage 60HP, lowers STR, DEX and CON
False Dawn - caster emanates blinding flashes of light within 15' radius each round for 1 turn, damages undead; druid only
Fire Seeds - various improvements
Harm - inflicts 150 point of magic damage on hit (save vs. spell half)


Creeping Doom - many improvements; spellcasting failure allows a save each round, damage can be halved
Earthquake - drastically improved; druids only;
Fire Storm - various improvements; doesn't affect caster and anyone close to him
Greater Restoration - single target, cures hp and almost any negative effect (hold, polymorph, petrification, confusion, etc)
Holy Word - improves with caster levels
Nature's Beauty - charms any humanoid creature within 30 feet
Shield of the Archons - clerics only
Sphere of Chaos - replaces Confusion
Summon Death Knight - replaces Gate, summons a powerful undead demon
Summon Shambling Mound - replaces Conjure Earth Elemental, summons a shambler; druids only
Symbol of Weakness - replaces Symbol Fear; -4 to Str, Dex and Con permanently (all symbols don't affect allies anymore)
Unholy Word - improves with caster levels

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