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Lemernis' bug report

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#1 Lemernis

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Posted 06 September 2007 - 03:03 AM

Sorry, I should have thought to start a single thread for all the bugs I encounter, and/or to comment on this or that.

I just completed the De'Arnise keep. While I was able to deal with the spirit trolls (who are tough), to be honest I ended up resorting to some cheese tactics for the final battle with Torgal. Before revealing them from the fog of war, I used Web + Cloudkill + wand of fireballs (to at least kill the umber hulks and cause serious injury to others--though the intelligent ones may have consumed healing potions afterward). I then ran out of the room and shut the door behind me. When I reopened the door I was able to lure one enemy at a time--first Torgal who gave his dialogue. I think a couple spirit trolls (?) followed. That left the yuan-ti mages, who remained 'stayed at home' as one would say in football. For them I had to reenter the room to take them out. They were so tough that I ended up leaving the basement, going up to the ground floor, and resting to get spells back.

When I returned to the room I saw two animation loops of repeatedly firing Stoneskins, initially with no circle beneath them to target. However, eventually the two yuan-ti mages reappeared and began casting spells.

The fighter (non-spellcaster) yuan-tis on the roof were fodder, perhaps a little too easy?

I'm not sure what it was about this fight that made it so difficult for me... When I tackled it head on, I kept on getting my butt kicked. I guess it was the Chaos spell. Which come to think of it, I could have countered by using Chaotic Commands (though the party would had to have rested first for Anomen to memorize that spell).
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#2 DavidW

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Posted 11 September 2007 - 07:51 PM

OK, I think I can see what the problems with the yuan-ti are. Fixed locally.

I deliberately don't try to block the closing-doors exploit - it's fairly clearly unrealistic but if someone wants to play that way (especially if they're frustrated after several goes with more standard tactics and are getting bored!), that's fine.

Yuan-ti on the roof: I'll think about it (though realistically I won't have time to write new components for a good while).

Chaotic Commands is massively useful - Chaos is lethal at mid levels. And it lasts long enough that you can often get away with casting it on spec.

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