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Unreleased Projects



Aklon is a mod that introduces a new male monk NPC, romancable by females of all races, for Baldur's Gate II: Shadows of Amn and Baldur's Gate II: Throne of Bhaal.

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Aran Whitehand

Aran Whitehand is a new male NPC currently under development, romanceable by females of all races and alignments, for Baldur's Gate II: Shadows of Amn and Baldur's Gate II: Throne of Bhaal. Visit here to watch code in progress along with modder discussion of coding choices.

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Baldur's Gate: Shadow Hand TC

An all new total conversion, Shadow Hand takes place thirty years after Throne of Bhaal. The mod makes one assumption: that the Bhaalspawn chose mortality at the end of ToB.

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Delainy and Durlyle

Discuss ideas and get a few previews for Delainy, the upcoming romance for the werewolf bard NPC.

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Icewind Dale in Baldur's Gate II

A conversion of Icewind Dale to use the Baldur's Gate II engine. Now complete and in playtesting.

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The IWD1Tutu project is an attempt at converting the original Icewind Dale game (HoW/TotL) so it can be played using the Icewind Dale II game engine.

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Keeping Yoshimo

This mod currently in development expands Yoshimo's role and character. Please note: much of the discussion and development of this mod is classified as a "spoiler". Come visit after your first playthrough of SoA.

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Kit Revisions

Kit Revisions aims to rebalance and tweak the classes and kits available in the Baldur's Gate II engine. Notable priorities include making all kit choices equally interesting, providing unkitted characters with similar capabilities to kitted ones, ensuring that kits are effectively balanced in Tutu and BGT, and expanding upon the concepts behind individual kits and classes.

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  1. Vynd Private Workroom

Need someone dead? Download the Vynd NPC mod for BG:EE and BGTuTu and add an irreverent drow assassin to your adventuring party. Currently in beta.

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Inactive Projects

  1. Elai
  2. Eranon
  3. Jelina
  4. Lands of Intrigue
  5. April Fool's 2005 - Boo NPC
  6. Haer'Dalis Romance
  7. A Midnight Visitor
  8. Miella
  9. Perils of Wisdom
  10. Tabiya
  11. The Third Way
  12. The Tiefling Sisters: Keli & Inara
  13. Viconia Relationship
  14. A Deathstalker (In Development)

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NPC Strongholds

Think Valygar could run the ranger cabin, or Mazzy oversee the management of the Keep? So do we: the NPC Strongholds mod.

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BG1 Romantic Encounters

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